Mason Jar Ice Cream

June 26, 2020

During my time in quarantine, I've been enjoying the NY Times At Home section, which has great cooking ideas with staples you might already have in your pantry and fridge. The recipe that really caught my eye was Mason Jar Ice Cream since I had an abundance of heavy cream and was eagerly looking for a way to use it up. And I was intrigued by the idea that ice cream could be made so easily.
All you need is heavy cream, sugar, vanilla paste/extract, salt and a pint sized mason jar and the eagerness to shake the jar for a few minutes. 
It's really shocking when you realize the cream has suddenly thickened while shaking the jar. It takes a few minutes but it's really satisfying when you reach that point.
While this will never be exactly like real ice cream, it is surprisingly creamy (but also icier than regular ice cream) and pretty tasty! 
The Recipe: Mason Jar Ice Cream from the NY Times mix-ins are suggested like chocolate and berries but I stuck with classic vanilla. 

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