Okra + Andouille Sausage, Three Ways

September 27, 2020

The past several weeks had been sponsored by okra and andouille sausage. I purchased the two ingredients to make a succotash, which then lead to making gumbo and cajun pasta with the surplus ingredients. 

Going into the last month, I had never cooked with okra and tried fried okra way back in college and thought it was way too slimy. But roasting helps with the slimy factor and in soups, sliminess isn't such a terrible texture. 

Each of these were totally delicious and fun ways to use up my farmers market hauls. (Although my trypophobia does get in the way of using okra on a regular basis). 

Succotash with Sausage and Shrimp from NY Times Cooking

Cajun Pasta from Budget Bytes

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