Festive Cookies

December 23, 2020

I saw these beautiful and festive Neapolitan cookies over the summer all over Instagram and have been waiting months to bake these for Christmas Cookie Season! Naturally dyed cookies and with the flavors of berries and matcha?! These seemed too good to be true. 
I loved these cookies so much the first time that I baked them twice in a week. A second bake allowed me to fix the little problems I encountered the first time. And this gave me to chance to see if raspberry or strawberry powder was better (both are equally great). 
The Recipe: Matcha Neapolitan Sugar Cookies from Constellation Inspiration. These taste as wonderful as they look. All three flavors add a unique pop to an already stellar sugar cookie. 
Recipe Notes: 
  • i used a little more than 3 tablespoons of the berry powder since my first attempt didn't yield enough of a saturated color. 
  • use a fine mesh sieve to sift out the seeds from the berry powder after putting freeze dried berries through a blender or food processor to make the powder (I had better results with a high powered blender) 
  • using a scale to weigh the dough balls was helpful to make sure each color was used evenly. 
  • dough weight when divided into three portions before mixing in matcha/berry powder: 255 grams
  • dough ball weight of each color before rolling into one cookie ball: 12-15 grams
  • i preferred making the formed cookie balls into taller balls since it yielded a puffier cookie
  • space out the pre-baked cookie balls on the baking sheet since these spread a little bit
  • i did the pan bang trick just before the cookies were done and let them bake for another 1.5 minutes. 

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