Leftover Turkey Potpie

November 30, 2021

I think a good number of Americans can agree with me that Thanksgiving turkey isn’t even close to being the best part of the big meal. Last year for my solo holiday meal, I roasted a chicken because if I was going to cook a bird, it wasn’t going to be turkey 😄. 
So as a turkey tolerant person (as opposed to a turkey lover), I find that the best part of Thanksgiving turkey is creating a new dish with the leftover meat. I’ve made Molly Yeh’s chicken pot hot dish in the past but was excited to make this pot pie with a biscuit topping after seeing Worcestershire sauce as one of its ingredients. 

It has all the comfort of a pot pie and the biscuit topping is a nice alternative to pie dough (because maybe we’ve had enough pie dough at this point? Ok, silly thought cause one can never have enough pie). I love the tangy/umami punch from the addition of Worcestershire sauce and mustard. Flavorful, cozy and delicious! 
The Recipe: Turkey Pot Pie from NYTimes Cooking (no unpaid version available online). I halved the biscuit topping since I was using a smaller cast iron skillet so it didn't completely cover the entire surface area---but I still felt like there was enough biscuit goodness in it anyway. 

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