The Fancy New Pasta Shape

November 16, 2021

Last spring, the food world was all abuzz about a new pasta shape that was created by James Beard Award winner Dan Pashman called Cascatelli (which means waterfalls in Italian). It's described as ruffled, curved half tube that was created to maximize sauceability, forkability and toothsinkability. 
Lucky for me, my friend Erin gifted me a box and I finally got a chance to cook with it. It was suggested that I pair the pasta with a thick sauce so I turned to this recipe for Lentil Bolognese since I had some cooked lentils that needed to be used. 
The noodles are just as wonderful as I hoped they would be: perfect for holding a thick sauce in its ruffles (even with the little lentils!), fun to eat and holds its shape well. And the lentil bolognese was a tasty, meatless alternative full of flavor that you don't even miss the meatiness of a classic bolognese.  
The Recipe: Lentil Bolognese from Epicurious with the delicious Cascatelli Pasta from Sporkful (which can be purchased online). 

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