Best of 2021

December 29, 2021

2021 brought some sense of normalcy once we were able to get vaccinated. I'm happy to be performing concerts regularly again and I can't believe I'm in full-on adult mode now since I officially became a homeowner over the summer. 2021 was the year I embraced Meatless Mondays (which became more of a goal to eat meatless at least one day a week) and hope to do it several times a week in 2022. Here are some highlights from 2021: 

Best of 2021
Best Meal: When the parents came to visit KC, we had a fantastic meal at Plate Restaurant. We had the most flavorful octopus appetizer and the tastiest pastas. Can't wait to go back again! 

Best Bite: Back in February, I ordered a $68 panettone and it was worth every penny. This was the most buttery, flavorful and most delicious thing I've ever eaten. You can taste all the care and effort it took to make this decadent, luxurious loaf. 

Best New Baked Recipe: It took years but I finally found THE brownie recipe that I'll forever make when I'm in the mood for brownies. Yossy Arefi's Fudgy Nutella Brownies are perfection! 

Best Kitchen Adventure: I loved making the cutest mochi donuts shaped like flowers. They were labor intensive yet immensely rewarding since they were super tasty too. 

Craziest Bite: Oktoberfest Pizza from Minksy's here in KC. It was topped with fried cheese curds, tater tots, bacon, sausage on a mustard white sauce pizza. Indulgent, yes. Good, yes! 

Best Cupcake: I tried one new cupcake bakery this year just a few weeks ago and it had my favorite cupcake of the year---the s'mores cupcake from Cupcakes Unlimited that was topped with a super tasty fudgy frosting. 

2021 By the Numbers: 
40 blog posts
5 books read (hoping to finish no. 6 soon!)
3 food videos made
3 cupcakes eaten 
2 plane trips taken (slowly getting back into traveling) 

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