My First Bagels

January 18, 2022

Bagel making was on my list of projects to tackle during the peak of lockdown in 2020 but it took until 2022 to finally try to make them. Once King Arthur Baking announced bagel (sandwiches) as their Recipe of the Year for 2022, it gave me the extra oomph to spend a day making them. 
The ideal bagels are fluffy, chewy and a little crispy---topped with chive cream cheese or lox with the works. 

Fully equipped with barley malt syrup (which gives bagels that perfect brown crust and flavor), I felt ready for this adventure (I found it at my local natural foods store). 
Recipe Notes: 
  • Make the starter the night before the project since it needs 4-14 hours to rest at room temperature.
  • Number of rises/rests: 3. The first one is 2-2.5 hours, followed by 10-15 minutes then finally a 30 minute rise. 
The Results: Definitely delicious but they were not as foolproof as previous KAF Recipes of the Year. Maybe my bagels didn't rise as well in the final step because maybe the dough wasn't tacky/moist enough when I was shaping them into individual balls or my kitchen was too cool? Regardless of the lack of height on my bagels, these were enjoyable nonetheless. Eaten with lox or the egg omelet from the Recipe of the Year, these bagels were a perfect vessel for a hearty breakfast. 

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