Pie No. 4: Chocolate Cream Pie

April 17, 2022

For my second attempt this year at baking a pie, I thought I would go the route of a mostly no-bake pie by making a crowd favorite: chocolate cream pie! This seemed like the safest way to get back into the pie-making game after my last fail since
        a) cookie crumb crusts are easier than regular pie dough
        b) a no-bake filling 
        c) who doesn't love chocolate cream pie?!? 
I turned to one of my new favorite chefs, Samantha Seneviratne, who contributes to NYTimes Cooking for the recipe. Minus some elbow grease making the chocolate pudding (it always seems to take way longer to thicken but when it finally does, I feel so accomplished!), it's a relatively quick recipe to make (but set aside enough time for the pie to chill---about 4 hours). 

The Recipe: Chocolate Cream Pie with Oreo Crust from NYTimes Cooking (here is a link without a paywall). Use the entire oreo cookie for the crust in your food pro or for a speedier way, buy a store bought oreo crust. And I followed the advice of some commenters not to strain the pudding. It was almost smooth enough so if you're not picky, don't strain! 
The Result: A delicious pie! It was chocolatey goodness! This might be my go-to recipe in the future since it was amazing on all levels although if I'm going to be super picky, I might have overbaked the crust since it was a tad too crunchy. But definitely some progress was made on the pie front. 

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