Honey Butter Rice Cake Krispies Treats

July 9, 2022

After seven years, the honey butter craze in Korea is still going strong. Trader Joe's even got on the bandwagon years ago but sadly stopped making their version of honey butter chips. My favorite iteration of honey butter products is Honey Butter Almonds. They have that artificial popcorn butter flavor yet they're so addicting. 

When the Kitchn put out this recipe for Honey Butter Rice Krispies with Tteok (Korean Rice Cake), I was so intrigued. A mashup of Korean and American treats was too hard to pass up making and a no bake dessert during the summer is always a plus! 
The Recipe: Honey Butter Rice Krispies Tteok Treats from The Kitchn. 

The Results: These were like a Rice Krispies mochi sandwich and were very honey forward, which felt overpowering to be honest. Homemade honey butter isn't the same as packaged honey butter and to me---I want that artificial flavor in these treats! The mild/neutral flavor of the tteok (rice flour layer) was a good way to balance the overpowering honey flavor. My friend described it as "eating a honeycomb." 

Also these treats don't stick as well together like regular Rice Krispies. AND they get incredibly soggy if you leave them in the fridge too long when setting. Follow the directions and let them set for 3 hours and then consume immediately. These do not keep well AT ALL (they were a horrible soggy mess on day 2 and the taste was stale and just bad). 

So all in all, these are an interesting new twist on the classic Rice Krispies Treats but I'd say pass on this recipe. But do go find these Honey Butter Almonds online or at your local Korean grocery store. 

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