Whole30: The Sequel, Week 1

July 31, 2022

After I did the Whole30 program four years ago, I always knew that I'd want to try it again. Since I had some unintentional slip-ups with non-compliant foods, I thought it wasn't a complete Whole30 the first go. So I'm trying again in hopes to give my body a reset after having some digestion issues for the last three months and also hoping to get back into healthier eating after giving myself maaaaybe too many allowances since the onset of the pandemic 2+ years ago. 

***Thirty days: no grains, no dairy, no alcohol, no legumes and no added sugar.***

It's definitely a challenge but since I have done this before, I know what to expect. To be honest before I started, I wasn't too excited to start but now that I'm on Day 10, I'm content and not (and haven't been) begrudgingly eating this cleanly. 

  • Day 1-2: hungry between meals and even after! 
  • Days 2-5: headaches
  • Days 3-?: feeling full longer and not even hungry when I wake up sometimes so I've also incorporated intermittent fasting on these days
  • Days 8-?: fairly extreme bloating (but googling has taught me this is normal)

Favorite Recipes from Week 1: 

Buffalo Chicken Dip with Air Fryer Tostones from What Great Grandma Ate- I lived off of Trader Joe's Plantain Chips last time I did the Whole30 and am only now realizing that it fell into the category of "compliant but recreating junk food" (and one of the goals of Whole30 is to create healthier eating habits so thus eliminating any commercially made "junk food"). However, homemade tostones (also made from plantains) are allowed. They were delicious when eaten with a buffalo chicken dip (and with crudite).

Steak with Chimicurri and Mashed Sweet Potatoes from Almond Eater (the chimichurri recipe is from Whole30: Fast & Easy)- I love steak + chimichurri so I made this as my first meal and with some delicious mashed sweet potatoes to accompany the meat. Ghee and coconut milk add a nice creaminess to the mashers while keeping it dairy-free. 

Chicken Salad with Guacamole and Salsa- When I finished assembling this salad, I realized it was basically a Whole30 friendly Chipotle salad. I poached then shredded the chicken, used my favorite guacamole recipe and used Frontera Salsa (which is Whole30 friendly). 

Other Favorites: 

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