My First Okonomiyaki

April 30, 2023

I love a good savory pancake (Koreans live on these!) and I have wanted to try to make the Japanese cabbage pancake okonomiyaki for years. I tried it for the first time a few years ago in KC and was fascinated by its colorful saucy toppings and the wispy bonito flakes that seemed to dance on top of the pancake. 
I can sometimes get intimidated by recipes with ingredients I don't usually use so I opted to use this simpler recipe from The Kitchn that took shortcuts with Hondashi and without the traditional ingredients of grated yam and pickled ginger. (But next time, I'll try to make it with those). 

The Recipe: Okonomiyaki from The Kitchn. There is an accompanying video with the recipe that helps you see the steps when you have to slide the pancake onto a plate and then invert it back into the pan. (My pan has tall sides so this was a little trickier but I still managed to make it work!). 
The Results: This pancake can feel a little decadent with the saucy toppings but it is deliciously savory and a little tangy from the sauce. It was fun to add the toppings to create what felt like a work of visual art. This is a big pancake so have some friends around to help eat it. (I also made an IG reel of my time making it). 

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