Memorial Day Alison Roman Pasta Salad 2023

June 3, 2023

Since it's the third year in a row that Alison Roman has released a pasta salad recipe around Memorial Day, I can only assume that this will now become tradition. 

Memorial Day Weekend=unofficial start to summer=Alison Roman pasta salad release date 

2021's version was amazing! I am so obsessed with it and my friends are too. 
2022's version I only made once. It was good but not to the I-need-to-always-eat-this-dish level. 

This pasta salad has classic Alison Roman flavors: bright and tangy with a salty punch (from the parmesan). It's delicious but up the amount of vinegar when you're balancing out the final flavors. I needed more of it to take it out of pasta territory and into full-on pasta salad land. (I still think 2021's is the best but this is way more low maintenance so it could become a good dish to pull together when I'm short on energy and time. 

Recipe Notes: 
  • The written recipe omits the use of capers, which she definitely used in her youtube video. Definitely add them for an extra pop of tanginess and color. 
  • After you chill the salad, the seasoning may dull so adjust them before serving. I had to add more salt and way more vinegar after it had sat for a day in my fridge. 

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