2024's Kale Salad

June 26, 2024

I recently noticed a pattern of finding new kale salad recipes every summer since 2021 and then making consistently throughout the warm season. Kale salads can be lovely if the kale is massaged properly, which makes the leaves quite tender. I love that they're hearty and are filled with so many nutrients (plus it's a great way to use farmers market produce)! 
This year's salad is this Spanakopita Kale Salad from the Kitchn. It initially piqued my interest because it incoporates Greek flavors that I have been loving so much lately: feta and dill. It isn't an exact substitution for the phyllo-filled pastry but it is hearty, delicious and bright from the abundance of fresh herbs. I added some rotisserie for added protein, which is also a lovely addition. Can't wait to make this all summer long. 

Past Year's Favorite Kale Salads: 

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