About Me

Who am I?  I'm a classical musician, food lover, napper, baker, cupcake enthusiast, sometimes runner, scary movie fan and now blogger! 
I was born and raised in Chicago but have spent most of my post-college life moving around the country. I'm now residing in Houston, acquainting myself with all that Texas has to offer. 

Adventures will probably include cupcake hunts, restaurant ventures, baking/cooking experiments and good Chung fun.  

Current obsessions: food trucks, bundt cakes, eggs, zombies, zooey deschanel's wardrobe on new girl, sour gummies, whiskey, DIY crafts

Blast from the past: my first post. 

Contact Me: lilchungsliladventures [at] gmail [dot] com

*all opinions are 100% my own. no compensation, sponsors, freebies, etc.