Hey, That's Not a Cupcake

June 27, 2011

Surprisingly enough, I don't really have a sweet tooth.  Aside from my love for cupcakes, I would prefer to eat fruit as my choice dessert.  But then along came the Beard Papa's Cream Puff, and I found another love.  
located at: 108 N. State Street, Loop, Chicago
Beard Papa's is home to the all natural cream puff.  Hailing from Japan, this chain came to Chicago in Fall 2009.  With the help from my friend Erin, I found this cute lil shop in the pedway, located in the new mall where Skate on State used to be. (also a plus: this mall has anthropologie!!)  

Last summer, I brought these tasty treats as my contribution to a dinner with my old music teacher.  I brought over a variety box that included the original cream puff, Paris Brest (a cinnamon sugar coated puff), and chocolate covered and these were filled with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry cream.  My favorite after sampling all these was the Original with Strawberry filling.   
In a cupcake fog this summer, I hadn't been able to make it to Beard Papa's yet until Big Sista, who came to my concert on Saturday, also came with a fresh box of yummy BP cream puffs!  I took an Original with Vanilla Cream and it was more amazing than I remembered it being.  The Puff itself isn't sweet, it has a neutral flavor like bread.  The cream inside is light and packed with great vanilla flavor.  Maybe the Cream Puff is the new Cupcake?  

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