I Caught the Cupcake Truck!

June 23, 2011

There's nothing better than leaving work early and on the walk home, running into a pleasant surprise.  Today the surprise was the Flirty Cupcakes on Wheels.  I mentioned last week that I hoped to catch it but when I left work, the truck was MIA.  So last night I checked the Flirty Cupcake Schedule and it said it would be in the same location as last Thursday.  I crossed my fingers and hoped I would find it today....and I did!  
schedule of stops is on their website/facebook/twitter
located today for me at: Stetson/Lake (AON Center) Chicago
The Flirty Cupcake Truck runs Tuesday through Sunday and makes a few stops everyday for an hour or two.  Their Facebook Status and Tweets give you up-to-the-minute updates on when the truck is arriving or leaving locations.  

This isn't my first encounter with a cupcake truck.  Two years ago, on a visit to New Haven, CT to see my old friend Donna Yoo, I was introduced to my first food truck.  Donna insisted these were the best cupcakes she has ever had.  In the dead of winter in January, we headed out to find these delicious cupcakes.  The Cupcake Truck was a popular stop for many, even in 20 degree weather.  We ended up standing in line for AN HOUR, luckily I was prepared with my long underwear...woohoo!  I think I remember not being able to feel my toes or my fingers after that hour wait.  "Was it worth it?," you ask....YES. Well, maybe I won't wait again in freezing weather for that cupcake, I'll just wait til the weather gets better.  
Jan. 2009, Donna Yoo thawed out and with our cupcakes!
Anyway, back to Flirty Cupcakes.  I wasn't doomed with cold weather or a long wait.  I ordered the Curious George: a Banana Chocolate Cupcake With A Light, Salted Caramel Italian Buttercream Frosting.  I didn't really taste the salted caramel but the banana flavor came through in this lightly flavored cupcake.  It was moist but the frosting tasted like butter...more sugar please?!?  Btw...whoa frosting overload!

At $3.25, hunt down this truck if it happens to be in your neighborhood!  

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  1. Cute blog! Is the lower score for frosting-cake ratio because you have an overwhelming mountain of sugary-sweet frosting? I would scrape most of this off I think. See you 7/4 I hope! -TJ