The Obligatory Bad One (hopefully the only one)

June 20, 2011

Twin Sista was in town for the weekend for the wedding of our dear old high school friend, Yun Lee.  So yesterday I dragged Amy to one of our favorite bakeries, Deerfields.  According to a cupcake bakery search on All Things Cupcake, Deerfields was listed as a place to be visited.  Normally when I think of Deerfields, cupcake is not the first thing that comes to mind.  It's usually...mmmm...COFFEECAKE!  Anyway we had our doubts but decided to stop by on our way to getting groceries for Father's Day din din.
located at: 813 Waukegan Road, Deerfield
Let's just say that Deerfields' cupcakes are more about frosting and decorations than actual taste.  They have quite a selection of fun, cute cupcakes.  My favorite was the giant frog cupcake.
I opted for one of the two "normal" looking cupcakes.  They had a choice between lemon and banana.  I went for the banana cupcake.  It was cutely decorated with a banana shaped sugar blob (I thought it was made out of frosting and was unpleasantly surprised when I bit into it and discovered it was a lot more dense than I thought).  The cupcake was COLD, which made the cake itself seize up and made it a pretty dry cake.
Well, it was bound to happen: the encounter with the bad cupcake.  I won't be too harsh on Deerfields since it is an everything bakery and my favorite birthday cake of all time from circa 1992 was purchased at Deerfields.  Where are you Halloween Spider Web Peanut Butter Cake from the early 90s?  I haven't seen you since that 9th birthday and you are greatly missed by the Chung Twins.

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