The Friendly Neighborhood Cupcake Boutique

June 21, 2011

The great thing about living in the heart of the city is that you can walk out your door and poof! there's endless shopping, restaurants and things to do.  Just around the corner from my apartment last year was the Sugar Bliss Cake Boutique.  This came in handy for people's birthdays last summer.  Since I'm on hiatus during the summers from baking, at least I could still give people birthday cupcakes.  
located at: 115 N. Wabash, in the Loop, Chicago
Yesterday, just one day after my ill-fated trip to Deerfields, I decided to restore my faith in cupcakes and make a visit to Sugar Bliss since it was on my list of places to go on the cupcake journey.  Well my timing wasn't perfect since it was almost closing time and the selection of cupcakes wasn't stellar.  I decided on a simple Black and White cupcake (chocolate cake, white frosting).  

What's really cute about Sugar Bliss is that they offer regular cupcakes along with Breakfast Cupcakes (I'm assuming muffins), mini cupcakes and FROSTING SHOTS (whoa!).  I really love the flower shaped frosting on top of each cupcake...adds a special lil touch to the cupcakes.  They offer five flavors everyday and five different specials each day.  Also they have seasonal cupcakes, which usually are available for a week.  

The Sugar Bliss cupcake is definitely a good cupcake!  It was the perfect texture and even after a day, it still tastes good (I couldn't finish it yesterday).  There's a lil too much frosting for me but I guess I could let it slide since its so cute.  Priced at $3.50, this cupcake is a def keeper!  

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