The Unoriginal Idea

June 30, 2011

It's amazing how my search for "cake pops in Chicago" led me to The Chicago Cupcake Crawl website.  As soon as I saw the title of the website, I thought, "Oh, these ladies already did what I have been doing."  Not to say that I thought I had a million dollar idea with my cupcake hunt, but I did feel a lil bit like a copycat.  
Anyway, The Cupcake Crawl offers, for the small price of $9.95, a thorough guide of the bakeries they visited in the city and tips on planning a Cupcake Crawl of your own.  Well, I'm gonna pass on their guide and continue on with my own Cupcake Hunt.  Though it may not be as in depth as these ladies, it'll be a Chung Original.  

(And I can use their bakery listing if I have time to venture out beyond my original list of bakeries to visit...muahaha).  

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