Food Trucks, Cake Pops and Cupcakes...Oh My!

June 30, 2011

My fascination with Cake Pops started when I was talking to Twin Sista the other day and she mentioned she had one a couple months ago with other sista and they HATED them.  But, she insisted they were the new craze.  Cupcakes out, Cake Pops IN.  Up until recently, I've never heard of or seen a Cake Pop.  As a cupcake eater, I found it more than appropriate to taste what was about to kick cupcakes to the curb.
My interneting told me that the only place to buy cake pop in Chicago (in an actual bakery/store) is either in Starbucks or in a Food Truck called Sweet Ride.  I was gonna try to avoid the Starbucks Cake Pop if I could, so I wanted to find out when I could catch this Sweet Ride Truck.  Strangely enough, as soon as I hit the LIKE button on the Sweet Ride Facebook Page, I found out they were parked just around the corner from my apartment.  OMG seriously, how crazy is that?!?  
schedule of stops on facebook/twitter
located today at: AON Center (Lake/Stetson), Chicago
I hurried quickly over to the food truck cause I was about to head out to my dinner date with my old friend since 8th grade, Sunny Park.  The Sweet Ride offers cupcakes, cake pops, puddings/mousses and whoopie pies.  I had to get a cupcake along with my first ever encounter with the illustrious CAKE POP.  
First, I tried the cupcake.  I ordered a Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake and I also got two (one for me and one for Sunny) Birthday Cake-Cake Pops.  For $3, I got one surprisingly small cupcake.  I've seen my fair share of cupcakes these days and this one looked small.  It wasn't quite a mini but it also wasn't quite a full sized cupcake.  
The cupcake was a bit dry and dense.  The frosting was a raspberry cream cheese frosting that was a lil bit sour when I didn't get a bit of raspberry syrup.  The cake itself tasted good but def wasn't a good texture. 
Cake Pop: Dissected
The Cake Pop, on the other hand, was a really tasty treat on a stick!  It was sort of like under-done cake inside a sugary shell.  It was soft and gooey and delicious (kind of like cookie dough).  The Birthday Cake flavor was kind of like Pilsbury Funfetti Cake, which I kind of LOVE.  So all in all, it was a good first experience with a Cake Pop.  
Sunny + Cake Pops!

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