It's My 5-Week-iversary!

July 17, 2011

I totally missed the actual month anniversary of my Cupcake Hunt so I waited until today to celebrate this milestone of FIVE WHOLE WEEKS, which is my half way point.  
Drumroll please....a few thoughts on The Cupcake Hunt
1. Some of my 4-cupcake ratings in the beginning might now be 3-3.5 cupcakes.  Now that I've had a fair share of cupcakes, I realize what is mediocre and what is omg amazing.  I won't change previous ratings, however.   
2. Bad frosting can ruin a whole cupcake.  ex. Sweet Ride Cupcakes
3. I've been ordering a different flavored cupcake at each place.  This keeps things new and exciting.  
4. I've been avoiding the cocktail-flavored cupcakes.  Mojito and Margarita Cupcakes don't sound that appetizing.  Maybe I'll bite the bullet and try one some day.  
5. I've exhausted all but one bakery within walking distance.  I was hoping that the walking would further help prevent cupcake belly.  On to the buses and els now.  

Today's adventure was to the Bleeding Heart Bakery, home to the organic Punk Rock Pastry.  Their chefs have also penned the recipe book Who You Callin Cupcake?.  It was oppressively hot today, I mean STEAMY HOT.  I endured the heat (very uncomfortably) and met up with my college friend Val to try out these "punk rock" cupcakes.  
located at: 1955 W. Belmont, Roscoe Village, Chicago
It was about two hours til closing but there were only two flavors of cupcakes left, while the website says there are twelve flavors available this month.  I asked what the flavors were and the girl behind the counter told me they were Lemon Rosemary and Blueberry Basil.  I actually had her repeat the names for me since I was so shocked with the unconventional cupcake ingredients.  Since I really had no other choice, I got one of each to share with Val.  
Let's just say these cupcakes tasted like muffins with frosting.  The texture was crumbly and dry while the frosting was overly sweet and hard in texture.  The herbs definitely came out in both cupcakes but not offensively.  It was just an added thought to the cupcake which I didn't mind too much but I was more offended that the cake alone tasted like a muffin.  Then the frosting overpowered the cake and all I could really taste was sugar.  But really, save the herbs for savory baked goods...mmmm.  

This bakery does get some points for ambiance and decor.  It def had an alternative feel and was brightly decorated with loud colors and cupcake art.  My favorite were the cupcake tables.  
I kind of had high hopes for this bakery since the Bleeding Heart Bakery was a runner-up for the Best Cupcakes in Chicago according to the Chicago Reader.  For $3.35, you can explore an alternative side to cupcakes at the Bleeding Heart Bakery.  

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