Happy Bastille Day!

July 14, 2011

How to celebrate Bastille day (Chung version 2011): 
1. go to French Market
2. buy macarons
3. eat and enjoy macarons

Today I used the excuse of Bastille Day to finally go out and find some French Macarons in Chicago.  The Twin Sista is currently obsessed with them, only fittingly since she is in charge of baking vast amounts of them for other sista's wedding in August.  Anyway, as research for her, I sought out these tasty lil treats at the Chicago French Market, located in the Ogilvie Train Station.  You read that correctly, IN the train station.    

I took Sunny there today for our weekly dinner date.  She'd never been there before so we were both oooing and awwwing at the cute lil market. It's a European inspired marketplace that houses local farm grown produce, bakeries and other specialty vendors.  
located at: 131 N Clinton, West Loop, Chicago
Sunny thought this lil spot in the pic was so cute so we asked some people to take a pic of us sitting there.  The nice man asked us, "So...where are you from?"  Sadly, we answered, "Oh we're not tourists.  We're from Chicago."  HAHA!  
Sunny enjoyed some yummy Nutella Crepes for dinner while I ate a tasty Bahn Mi Sandwich from the Saigon Sisters stand in the market.  
We ordered a box of six macarons: two chocolate, two pistachio, one coffee (for Sunny) and one PB&J (for me).  These were gooey, fluffy and delicious.  I'm not a big fan of meringue-like cookies but macarons are the only exception.  Maybe, along with cake pops, macarons are the new cupcake...hmmm.  

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