Chicago Cupcake Hunt---COMPLETE!

August 23, 2011

15 Cupcake Bakeries + 10 weeks=Sugar Overload (and small cupcake belly)
Summer job complete. Moved out of the city.  In suburbs with family for sista's wedding week.  This only means time to ponder on the past ten weeks of my Cupcake Hunt.  

I can't believe it, but I actually made it to all of the places I set out to go to.  AND I was able to visit a few more places for a grand total of 15 cupcakeries this summer in Chicago.  OMG!  

Some Thoughts:
1. After a few weeks, I eventually learned after one bite if a cupcake was good.  
2. Texture is key.  
3. Good frosting does not mask a bad cake.  
4. Bad frosting can ruin a good cake.  
5. Cupcakes can be a lil pricey.  
6. I never ate a red velvet cupcake (which is usually the most popular flavor)
7. I did, however, eat 3 banana cupcakes (who knows why)
8. Around Week 5, I finally learned how to use the Macro setting on my camera.  Thanks, Derek!  

Let's give it up for the 1st ever Chung's Best Cupcake in Chicago Awards:  

Cutest Presentation: Watermelon Cupcake from Crumbs Bake Shop
Best Ambiance: Molly's Cupcakes, I mean, you can't beat swings at the bar! 
Most Expensive Cupcake: A 3-way tie.  Molly's Cupcakes, Marla's Sweet Bites & Crumbs Bake Shop all priced at $3.75.  However, Marla's and Crumb's cupcakes were quite large so in terms of quantity per price,  Molly's Cupcakes is the most expensive cupcake.  
Cheapest Cupcake: Deerfields Bakery cupcakes are priced at the whopping price of $1.79.  I actually went today for some coffee + danish and scoped out the cupcakes and saw more variety at the BG location.  I was ALMOST tempted to buy one but remembered how unfabulous the banana cupcake was from there.  
Most Unique Flavor: Drumstick Cupcake from Swirlz Cupcakes
Weirdest Flavor: 2-way tie but both from Bleeding Heart Bakery-Lemon Rosemary & Blueberry Basil
Best Frosting: Vanilla Bean Frosting from the Funfetti Cupcake at Phoebe's Cupcakes. It def had a tasty flavor that reminded me of Breyer's Vanilla Ice Cream...mmm my fav
Worst Cupcake: 2-way tie again but both from Bleeding Heart Bakery.  Sorry but those Lemon Rosemary and Blueberry Basil cupcakes were dry, topped with too sweet and dry frosting, and overall just did not have a good flavor.  
Best Cupcake of the Summer: Snickerdoodle at Sweet Mandy B's. I initially thought it would be Sprinkles but the more I thought about it, I just couldn't put down this cupcake.  I wasn't even in the mood to eat it but I couldn't resist.  A cupcake to overcome lack of desire to eat it has to be an amazing cupcake.  The frosting was unbelievably tasty too which topped a moist, delicious cinnamon cake and it was priced at a great deal of $2.25!  Yay for Sweet Mandy B's!  
And so comes a close to the summer and to the Cupcake Hunt in Chicago. I'll continue eating cupcakes at the many trendy cupcakeries around.  But really, I can't wait to get back to a kitchen I can call mine and bake some cupcakes!  

Thanks to the Partner-in Crime for being my sidekick to 3 cupcakeries, Val for accompanying me to Bleeding Heart Bakery when it was balls hot out, Jon, Jared, Sunny, Jeannette, & Twin Sista for also eating cupcakes with me.  Special Thanks to Chicago for housing so many yummy cupcakes!  


  1. Lemon Rosemary Cupcake sounds fantastic! If anyone could make it work it's you Alison! send me one when you make it :) or maybe I'll come to Chicago for a cupcake taste!

  2. I'm glad I could take part in your Chungtastic Cupcake Glory!!! Best of luck to you my little Chung!!! Work it!!!

    ~Ms. Jon

  3. loved reading about the cupcake adventures! hope you continue them in your new home city!!:)