Cupcakes to the Rescue

August 2, 2011

Yesterday started out not so great.  First, my 3.5 year old Dell Laptop failed to turn on, which later I found out needed a new motherboard.  Although initially I felt frustrated, I was overjoyed to know I could finally get a MacBook!  Bye bye laptop that crashed on me 4+ times, you weren't worth the money to fix you.
Dell Laptop 2008-2011
Before I could head over to the Apple Store, I had to first go to another massage appointment.  However, they didn't actually have my appointment in their books, so with now a canceled appointment, I thought the only way to brighten my day was to have a cupcake.  

I was again in Lincoln Park and headed over to Swirlz Cupcakes, which was actually just a block away from my old apartment from my DePaul days.  Swirlz has five everyday flavors and five daily flavors.  They even have a couple Gluten-Free flavors each day.  
located at: 705 W. Belden, Lincoln Park, Chicago
I got a free sample of their Banana Nutella cupcake but ended up choosing the Drumstick cupcake, which is a malted buttermilk cake topped with chocolate peanut butter crunch, buttercream frosting and a chocolate ganache.  It is supposed to taste like the Drumstick Ice Cream cone, which would have been very appropriate on a hot day like yesterday.   

The Drumstick cupcake was so perfectly moist and the peanut butter crunch bits did actually make it taste like the Drumstick Ice Cream (it would've been nice if it was a frozen treat since it was so hot out).  The buttercream underneath the chocolate layer was almost too sweet but overall this was a unique cupcake!  A Swirlz Cupcake is priced at $3.50.   

Afterwards I headed over to the Apple Store and purchased my first Mac.  So here's to my first post from my new MacBook!  Cheers!   

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  1. muahaha...welcome to our dark side

    xoxo bruther and big sista