Introducing...Twin Sista, the Guest Blogger

July 29, 2011

The Twin Sista, who is an accomplished baker, chef, eater of all things yummy, called me today to tell me she went on a cupcake adventure and wanted to share on the blog.  Hailing from steamy hot Houston, let's welcome the Twin Sista, aka Amy or Big Chung.  
def the taller twin and def not my doppleganger
Hello all! Twin Sista here. Since it's Friday, that can only mean one thing: pho Friday. (If you are ever in Houston, go to Thien-An Sandwiches--best pho ever.)  Erin (bestie here in Houston), Daniel (boyfriend of Erin) and I all went to get pho and vermicelli bowls as we do most Fridays. Daniel had to leave us early, but Erin and I had a hankering for something sweet. Soooo, Erin suggested we try Fluff Bake Bar. Erin did her research and discovered that the owner of Fluff is a contestant on the new season of Top Chef Just Desserts (premieres 8/24).  

Fluff doesn't have their own store front but sells their baked goods (including fluffernutters!) at Revival Market, located in the Heights. 
  Revival Market's charcuterie, meat counter, sweets counter=all things gourmet and delicious
Erin and I originally planned to get a couple of french macarons but we couldn't say no to the cupcake. We ended up splitting 4 macarons and one cupcake. (oh boy.)
excited erin and cupcake. 
The cupcake was called the Veruca Salt: devil's food cake and salted caramel frosting. The name is what made us order this. Pretty genius name to me--Veruca Salt was kind of a devil child then tied in with the salted caramel... 
cupcake with visible flecks of salt
Erin initially worried about the salted caramel part of the cupcake. What if it was like eating mouthfuls of salt? What if it ended up tasting like the sea? Our worries were quelled as soon as we took our first bite. "What a delightful frosting, not too sweet! BUT what is this terribly dry cake??!" No matter how delicious and creamy the frosting was, it could not save the dry and crumbly cake in the end.
Fluff macarons, left; Green Eyed Susan macarons, right
Side note: As previously mentioned, we did try four macarons (from L to R): strawberry, malted milk chocolate, raspberry & rosewater, key lime. I think we decided that the Green Eyed Susan macarons had a more intense flavor and better fluffy texture. Fluff's were a bit more dense. Yummy macarons all around. Good inspiration for my *little* project for older sista's wedding in August. 

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  1. where has this twin been all this time? she is a babe!