The Last One on the List

August 14, 2011

As of today, I only had one cupcake bakery left on my official list of places to visit this summer in Chicago.  How did I celebrate this momentous occasion?  I took a group of friends, from different walks of life, and headed over to Crumbs Bake Shop.
located at: 303 W. Madison, the Loop, Chicago
Jeannette, one of my besties from life in Miami, was visiting and my gays from college, Jared and Jon, came along for the Last Cupcake Stop.  We all decided on different cupcakes.  I chose a summery Watermelon (vanilla cake topped with watermelon flavored cream cheese frosting) while the others opted for Peanut Butter Cup, Cookie Dough, and Vanilla.  
Crumbs Bake Shop offers a large variety of flavors each day and these cupcakes are HUGE.  For $3.75, it's a pretty good deal for a large treat.  Crumbs actually started in Manhattan and expanded into a nationwide chain.  They are even opening up a second location a few blocks away from the current store in the Loop.  

I had my doubts since I haven't heard great buzz around Crumbs.  I was almost worried I saved the worst for last, yikes.  However, the watermelon wasn't that bad.  It was a mediocre texture and the watermelon flavor was subtle but tasty.  Even though the cupcake looked like it was covered in frosting, it merely an illusion.  The frosting to cake ratio was great.  All in all, it was an ok cupcake but points for creativity and variety flavors.  
Friends also enjoyed their cupcakes but I think watermelon was my favorite (the others were a lil too sweet for me).  

Our celebration also included filmmaking.  Last night, Jeannette and I were having a conversation with another friend about 80s sitcoms and their theme song montages.  We thought we'd have a lil fun and create our own with our cupcakes.  Here's my first attempt at filmmaking and my first time using iMovie. Enjoy!  


  1. the movie turned out really well!!!! yay!!!


    Did you check this place out in Evanston?