The Swanky, Secret Speakeasy

August 12, 2011

Ever since I heard about The Violet Hour last summer, I knew I had to go.  Last night I finally got the chance!  

The Violet Hour is referred to as a speakeasy, but hey, prohibition is no longer around so let's drink freely and happily!  Since it's got a mysterious vibe to it, the place can be hard to find.  It's in an unmarked building but the bouncer and line outside the door signaled the entrance for me.  
located at: 1520 N. Damen Ave, Wicker Park, Chicago
The place is designed for its guests to have an intimate setting for drinking and conversing.  It wasn't at all a loud, crowded bar.  Since its decorated with tall chairs and booths, I almost wasn't aware of the other people in the place.  

With a secretive entrance and almost not being let in for wearing flip flops, the Violet Hour does seem a lil bit pretentious.  They even have a list of rules: 
That being said, when we finally sat down and ordered our cocktails, the Violet Hour really delivered some super tasty drinks.  They use fancy liquors and fresh mixers to create yummy cocktails.  They organize the menu by type of liquor and I went straight for the "girly" summery beverages.  All drinks are at a fixed price of $12.  
The Trick Pony
Dark & Stormy
Repeat visit? Yes, on a weeknight and for a good, chill hang with friends and stellar drinks (and of course, properly attired).  

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