Sunday, Funday...Funfetti

August 8, 2011

The remedy for a rainy Sunday: of course, a cupcake!  Summer 2011 has quickly become one of the hottest Chicago summers ever and also one of the rainiest.  Rain wasn't going to stop me from canceling my cupcake date with the partner-in-crime, David Park.  

Yesterday, we headed to his neighborhood cupcake bakery, Phoebe's Cupcakes, in Lakeview.  We stopped by Phoebe's right before closing, which marked the end of one of their busiest weekends ever.  Why so busy Phoebe?  One word: GROUPON.  With the impending expiration date on groupons, heaps of people flocked to this bakery.  Luckily, David and I didn't encounter many people, which also meant not many cupcakes left.  They only had one flavor left: Funfetti.  
located at: 3327 N. Broadway Ave, Lakeview, Chicago
I was a lil disappointed but David was super bummed.  He was looking forward to eating another Trix cupcake from Phoebe's again, which he loved.  We almost left but I thought, "Well...I'm already here..."  Phoebe's website lists over 200 flavors of cake available for catering so I knew I was definitely missing out on other options.  Most unique sounding flavor: Pancakes and Bacon.  We ended up splitting the Funfetti cupcake as a quick snack before we headed out for Korean Burritos at Crisp (more on that later).  
I was more than surprised at how yummy the Funfetti cupcake tasted.  The frosting had visible vanilla bean speckles in it which reminded me and tasted just like Breyer's Vanilla Ice Cream (a plus!).  The cake was light and fluffy, like an angel food cake texture.  Maybe the last cupcake left doesn't automatically mean its the crummiest cake in the shop.  This cupcake is a winner and reasonably priced at $2.75!  

The perfect after cupcake dessert: a Korean Burrito.  I guess this Chung does things differently, dessert then dinner.  Last summer I discovered the wonder that is the Korean Burrito.  It combines my two loves: bibimbap + flour tortilla.  Korean Burritos aren't actually the main attraction at Crisp.  They are the home to Korean Fried Chicken but really, I can't pass up the burrito when I go there.  
Crisp is located at: 2940 N. Broadway, Lakeview, Chicago

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