Let's Meet the New Roomie...

September 20, 2011

My new life in Houston consists of me nervously driving on the Texas highways, reuniting with Twin Sista and old college friends, and trying to keep my new roomie from really hating me.  The new roomie: Chloe, the cat.  While I stay in my temporary home (Erin's condo), I also get a furry companion.  
Chloe: adorably sweet, loves company and attention but enjoys biting when she's in a playful mood and LOVES to eat.  

Goal: teach Chloe to have fun sans biting or just to have her stop biting, period.
1. Spray Bottle Method-Probably the only thing that'll really stop Chloe from biting and just holding it scares the bejeezus out of her.  Cons-spray bottle in Erin's condo leaks and it's not always readily available.  
2. Saying "NO" very firmly-I tried raising my voice but Chloe continues to claw and bite me.  She even meowed cause she was annoyed with my yelling....oops.  
3. "Fighting" Back-I gently will flick her nose or playfully pretend I'm hitting her back.  End result: kitty bite wounds/claw scratches
4. Ignoring her-continued biting and meowing. OR she'll lay down on my computer keyboard to get attention (if i'm on the computer)  
exhibit A
5. Running Away-Only real way to get away unharmed.

The real problem: she wants to be fed like ALL the time.  I was trying to curb the amount of food she was consuming only to have an attention-hungry and actual hungry cat meowing and biting me until she is fed.  Don't get me wrong, I totally heart her.  I mean, who couldn't love a cat that sits in her water bowl just to get to her food?  
So, Chloe, don't hate me.  I just want you to stop biting me...please?!?  


  1. aww omg i miss you!!! and all those reasons right there are why i will never like cats.. sounds very much like my roommate's cat a few years ago.. except he would also literally run at me and jump claw me. Pics are so adorable though, hope you are able to train her!

  2. Look at how innocent she looks in that first picture. Model kitty. Then immediately to fanged bite-y kitty. Oh Chloe... <3

  3. haha she looks so weird in the second picture!

  4. awww Chloe's so cute! Jonathan used to do bite my fingers a lot - remember that? I was told by the vet (I think) to not pull away your finger when he bites because then your finger becomes the toy that they want to catch and bite even harder.. Does that make sense? Like.. you're supposed to just "give" it to them. It totes worked with Jonathan! =)