Lil Sweets at Petite Sweets

September 13, 2011

After the madness of moving to a new city and getting settled in, I've finally gotten the time to breathe, veg and relax. My Saturday afternoon pick-me-up was a visit to a new bakery in town, Petite Sweets.  
located at: 2700 W Alabama, Houston
Although the name PETITE Sweets should have been a cue for me, I definitely had a lightbulb moment when I saw all the baked goods offered in small, bite-sized portions and was like "OH I get it..."  (Maybe I was actually supposed to be blonde, right, a blonde asian).  Petite Sweets offers mini cupcakes, macarons, cake pops/balls, (large) whoopie pies, (large) cookies and even frozen custard.  

Twin Sista, Erin and I ordered a variety of these lil treats: 4 macarons (strawberry, salted caramel, pistaschio and vanilla), 1 strawberry cream cheese mini cupcake, a red velvet cake ball and a chocolate-vanilla swirled frozen custard with a toffee chip cookie (I think, I can't really remember the kind of cookie we got) crumbled inside (kind of like a McFlurry only a million times better!).  Yeah....all that food for 3 girls.  We basically just had a sampling of each.  Actually I could've stuffed my face but stopped when I noticed my company stop eating.  
mini cupcake + cake ball
Mini cupcakes, although the perfect size, can be tricky beasts.  Cooking time is shortened but can allow overbaking, meaning a dry cake.  Anyway, this mini cupcake was not as moist as my ideal cupcake but it was yummy!  The cake ball was gooey and delicious (although Twin Sista still doesn't understand the appeal of cake pops/cake balls).  
My favorite macaron was pistaschio cause it was sweet and salty and had a nice soft texture. 
I must have a thing for ice cream now cause this was my favorite!  The cookie chunks was the perfect addition to the frozen custard.  

This lil bakery was the perfect spot to just sit and relax and eat tasty lil treats on a hot, Saturday afternoon.  The best part: small bites so you don't feel like a total piggy trying out a million different desserts.  Mmmm....

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