Welcome to Texas!

September 7, 2011

I'm now a Texan.  I embarked on my first road trip (from Chicago to my new home in Houston), in which I was actually a driver.  Let's just say I pretty much just started driving on highways after getting my license about a year ago, which is a decade after most people my age got their licenses.  Twin Sista and I made the journey down here and seventeen hours later, we're still alive and speaking to each other!  

Equipped with proper road trip snacks?!? Of course, courtesy of Trader Joe's and Assi Korean Grocery.  
And I have a new best friend...
On my my fourth day here in Houston, I found my friend Erin suggesting we try out a cupcake place since it was on our way back to my new place.  Although I still feel like I need a break from cupcakes, the idea of getting one sounded like a nice welcome to my new home.  We went to Crave Cupcakes after a Sunday dim sum breakfast (more on that later).  
located at 5600 Kirby Drive, Houston
Crave Cupcakes has two locations in Houston and each cupcake is priced at $3.25.  My favorite thing about Crave is their logo, a vintage looking stand mixer, which is also atop each cupcake.  

Erin opted for the summery Key Lime cupcake while I decided on a fresh and fruity Strawberry cupcake.  After we both took a quick bite in the bakery, we both decided the frosting was way too sweet.  The cake wasn't too sweet so in a way, the sweet frosting complemented the cupcake.  Still, not too sweet is a winner for me.
My Strawberry Cupcake
Erin's Key Lime 
I haven't done any cupcake searches on Yelp yet for Houston but I already know there's a few more cupcake places here.  I'm not in any rush to go but at least I know I can get a good cupcake fix from the Sprinkles in town!  

What was our pre-cupcake meal?  Dim Sum for breakfast?  Yes, it is true.  Twin Sista loves Fung's Kitchen's dim sum and took me there last April when I came to visit.  I LOVED it too so in order to get a table on a busy Sunday afternoon, we went as soon as the restaurant opened.  I had no complaints about dim sum that early...mmm.  And I even tried chicken feet.  After one bite, I realized I couldn't get over the idea that they were kind of ugly looking feet.  No thanks!  

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  1. haha the picture of the chicken feet does look a little scary :p