Boo! It's Halloween!

October 28, 2011

I probably was one of the only kids ever that was never really a fan of Halloween.  Maybe it was cause Mom Chung wasn't that into it and so Chung costumes weren't that fun or creative.  I remember either being a witch or a mouse throughout the 90s.  Then trick-or-treating in cold Chicago required  costumes to be covered up by winter coats...NO FUN. 

Halloween started getting more exciting in grad school and beyond when I was more clever with my costumes.  I'm gonna admit, my favorite costume was (no surprise) my cupcake costume from Halloween 2009.  After hours of googling other cupcakes online, I found a cheap and no-sewing method to transform myself into a cupcake.  I even baked cupcakes and handed them out at the NWS Halloween Party.    
How to make a cupcake costume on a budget, without any artistic or sewing skills (adapted from Food Network's Cupcake Costume): 

Materials Needed
Pillow Stuffing
Fabric Glue
Colored Pom Poms
Pink Hair Spray
Tan Pleated Skirt
White Tank Top

1. Purchase batting, pillow stuffing, fabric glue, pom poms from craft store.
2. Cut batting into 3 long rectangles; small, medium, large (each will be a layer of frosting so it should be able to fit around the circumference of your body. refer to picture from Food Network's Costume or mine above). 
3. Stuff with pillow stuffing and roll batting into long tubes.  
4. Glue (or sew) tubes shut.
5. Glue tubes onto tank top.
6. Glue pom poms onto tubes for sprinkles.
7. Spray Hair
8. Add other fun accessories (ex. bright earrings, bright make-up, whatever floats your boat)

Sadly, I'm unable to really celebrate Halloween this year so no costume for me...but I'll enjoy some horror movies on tv this weekend (and I'll def raid Target the day after Halloween for some discount candy)! 

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