Happy Bundt-day!

October 26, 2011

It's Twin Sista's birthday and you know what that means, it's mine too!  Since I followed her to Houston a couple months ago, we finally got to celebrate our bdays together for the first time in six years!  
TWINS...another year older
I was bad and opened up a gift a few days before the actual birthday and was happily surprised to get a bundt pan from Erin.  I've always kind of wanted one and woohoo..I now have one!  Bundt cake now is birthday cake!   

Twin Sista was also the recipient of an amazing present from Erin; she got a Kitchenaid Ice Cream maker attachment.  So with Twin Sista's homemade Pumpkin Bourbon Ice Cream, I thought it was only more than appropriate to make a the perfect bundt to accompany her dessert.  

Pumpkin and more pumpkin?  YES!  According to Sista Min, you can't have too much pumpkin, especially in the Fall.  I googled Pumpkin Bundt Cake and was taken to this recipe on the blog Whipped.  The recipe had me at SUPER MOIST and it was a no brainer that I had to make this cake.  
First Bundt Cake=Success!  This cake totally was super moist, so it lived up to its name.  It wasn't too sweet either even when I went a lil glaze happy.  OMG YUM!  
Bundt Cake+Bourbon Ice Cream=a match made in heaven.  The bourbon didn't make the ice cream boozy but rather super tasty.  Please make more ice cream, sista.  And I'll make more bundts to go with the ice cream!!  
what's that?!?

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