The Pre-Thanksgiving Cupcake

November 23, 2011

Lil Adventures got a bit of a makeover.  Hope you enjoy!  

I just had a short visit with my friend Stacey, who was one of my besties from life in Miami.  She just adopted a new kitty, Charlie, and made a journey with him from San Antonio (which is only a few hours away).  The two survived their first car trip but I'm afraid Chloe wasn't too thrilled with his visit.  
Stacey and I decided to celebrate her visit by trying out a cupcake bakery!  We went nearby Erin's condo to Rice Village to Celebrity Cupcakes.  This bakery uses organic and locally grown produce when possible in their cupcakes.  They offer about twelve flavors daily and even sell minis by the dozen.  
located at: 2343 University Blvd, Rice Village, Houston
Stacey chose a coconut cupcake (it's her favorite flavor) while I decided on a Hummingbird cupcake (banana cake with a hint of pineapple and cream cheese frosting).  Each were priced at $3.25.  
Both of us liked the flavor of our cupcakes (cake + frosting) but we couldn't get over the fact that they tasted like they were a lil underbaked.  While they were moist, the texture felt a bit goopey.  Since we tried two different cupcakes that tasted this way, I can't help but feel like all their cupcakes are like this.  

On a side note, I thought I'd share my third venture enjoying Kimchi French Fries (since I happened to document the other two times on lil adventures).  These fries came from Kobecue, a Korean fusion restaurant that offers tacos, burgers and rice bowls.  While the fries themselves weren't cooked well (they were still kinda gritty), these fries had the most kimchi than the others I've tried.  They were topped with cheese too but the sauce had a more mayo flavor that you could really taste.  They were pretty tasty but I think if I need a good kimchi fries fix, I'll head back to the Oh My Gogi! truck.  (Korean tacos were pretty good from Kobecue too).     

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