Thanksgiving Food Baby

November 25, 2011 Buffalo Grove, IL, USA

Chung Thanksgiving 2011:

  • 10 Dishes Cooked
  • 14.5 Thanksgiving Eaters (14 adults + 1 baby)
  • Thanksgiving Miracle: Moist Turkey!

not pictured: dessert (pumpkin bread pudding)
Thanksgiving this year was extra special since last year I couldn't make it home to Chicago.  We all stuffed our faces silly and enjoyed a day of cooking, eating and boozing.  Thanksgiving Success!

Chungs welcomed some new additions to the Thanksgiving Menu: 
The Usual Suspects:
And the star of the Chung Table:
This meal was thoughtfully and thoroughly planned out by Twin Sista and Sista Min.  Thanks, Sistas!  

An after Thanksgiving Adventure: Pies at Bakers Square! The lil trip occurred after a sushi dinner on Black Friday.  We were reminiscing about pies from Bakers Square when my cousin had the genius idea of going there for some dessert.   
Bakers Square=Pie Heaven
Bakers Square, I just found out, is located in the Midwest and in California.  Known mostly for their pies, they also serve a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Bakers Square pies frequented the Chung Holidays in the 90s, esp their French Silk and Pecan Pies.  

Cousin, New Bro Chris, Twin Sista and I continued to expand our food babies and shared four pies: French Silk, Banana Cream, Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme (Pecan + French Silk) and Coconut Cream.  All. Were. Amazing.  
Banana Cream
French Silk
Coconut Cream
Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme

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