Hello Florida!

January 30, 2012

I survived my two-day solo road trip from Texas to Florida with perpetually sweaty palms gripping my steering wheel. I can’t believe I did it! I even survived a couple of bridges, very nervously. They are a lil easier to cross by car than on foot. Special thanks to Tina Fey for entertaining me with her audiobook, Bossypants, for a good chunk of the drive. 

My travels sent me to Saint Petersburg, FL before my final destination of Sarasota. I spent a couple days in the company of my college friend Jeffrey, who wanted to join me in my cupcake tasting fun.

We had lunch at the Taco Bus (amazing fish tacos. sorry, no pics) and took a post-lunch walk around the cute neighboring area since Jeffrey thought there was a nearby cupcake bakery. We happened to stumble upon a very pink cake shop and saw cupcakes in the window. (The cupcake bakery suggested on Yelp was actually closed down).
located at: 2435 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL
It’s Icing on the Cake is mainly an order fancy cakes bakery that also offers cake slices, cupcakes, macarons and cake pops for walk-ins like Jeffrey and me. They had four different cupcakes that day and we decided on a Champagne cupcake topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting. The champagne flavor was supposed to make the cake lighter and also less sweet.
Well, there’s really nothing spectacular to say to about this cupcake. It was a lil dry and just an average, nothing special cupcake. There were these pink balls on top of the cupcake that added a nice lil crunch to it, kind of like rice krispies.

Regardless of a bad cupcake, it’s fun to introduce friends to my silly cupcake hunt. Now in my new city, I already have a few leads on cupcake bakeries, one being within walking distance of my lil beach house. Can I brag? I live a block away from the beach. Amazing.
lido beach: at sunset
Oh Florida, how I’ve missed you. Palm trees, sandy beaches, island flavored cocktails: love. 

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