Sarasota Cupcake Company

February 1, 2012 Sarasota, FL, USA

There's no better way to celebrate getting out of work an hour and a half early then by getting cupcakes. That's just what my new roomies and I did the other night. An early release from work also allowed us to get to the Sarasota Cupcake Company just before closing. It was fate. 
located at: St Armand's Circle, Sarasota, Fl
Cupcakes at the Sarasota Cupcake Company are a whopping FOUR DOLLARS but in their defense, they are quite large. The bakery ran a special for buy 2, get one free. 2 roomies + me=3 cupcakes at $3 each. Yay! We decided on Hostess, Red Velvet and Peanut Butter Pie
I was skeptical about these cupcakes. The lady behind the counter didn't give us the cupcakes on display but rather took them out from somewhere else. When we got the cupcakes, I realized they were chilled so they were being stored in a refrigerator. This is a BIG NO-NO at most cupcake bakeries. The employees at Sprinkles even warn their customers not to put their cupcakes in the fridge since it'll basically ruin the cupcake.  

Well, these must be some amazing cupcakes because even though they were chilled, they were still moist. (Actually the Hostess cupcake wasn't really moist). We evenly split all three cupcakes. I enjoyed both the peanut butter and red velvet. They both had great texture and good flavor. A surprise: the red velvet cupcake had an almond flavored frosting, not a usual for that cupcake. The Hostess, in my opinion, wasn't that great. It was dry but did taste like a Hostess cupcake! But maybe a Hostess cupcake just doesn't taste that great to me.

In the end, my roomies and I all had a different favorite cupcake. The winner for me: peanut butter pie.  

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