Kolaches, Take 2

January 18, 2012

I had my second encounter with the Texas-loved kolache. This time I went to the place that started my curiosity for the kolache: The Kolache Factory. The Kolache Factory has a huge menu, offering both sweet and savory kolaches as well croissants and some desserts.  
located at: 7811 Main, Medical Center, Houston
located in 16 different cities in 6 different states
I unintentionally ignored the fruit-filled kolaches and ordered two savory ones. They both came from the Meal-in-One section on the menu: Potato-Egg-Cheese and the Special of the Month: Denver Omelette. 
After a second tasting of these pastries, I couldn't help but think, "Are these just glorified hot pockets?" Don't get me wrong, I think they are a really delicious breakfast. But a hot pocket? Ha, totally a hot pocket. (At least the Kolache Factory ones are very hot-pocket-esque). 

The Kolache Factory kolaches are more round, like a dinner roll, a very unassuming dinner roll. But, surprise, so not a dinner roll! 
the before pic: dinner roll?
Next on the agenda: try a fruit-filled kolache. Can't wait! 

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