More Food Trucks and Kimchi Fries

January 16, 2012

I have two current (not totally new) obsessions: food trucks and kimchi fries. My fascination with the two started last summer in Chicago. Neither had been a part of my life while living in Miami Beach for three years. Now, I can't seem to get enough of the two. If you combine the two together, double happiness!

Today, while enjoying coffee with Erin at Inversion Coffee House, we spotted a food truck, Stick It, in their parking lot. I kept staring at it while we chatted away and couldn't figure out what was Stick It's shtick. I could only think of sticky foods like sticky buns. 
It was so obvious: foods on sticks! They had three options today: chicken, beef and fish and a dessert option of funnel cake battered brie. Fish sticks, literally. (I got a kick out of that). I wasn't super hungry so I just ordered an a la carte fish stick. The meat options come a la carte or in a bigger meal (but the sides don't end up the stick). The fish tasted good but was a lil too fried for me. And there was a sharp end on the stick, which got a lil too pointy to eat off of after a few bites. 
I had my fourth encounter with kimchi fries last week at the new Asian fusion restaurant, Nabi. These were thicker cut potato wedges topped with cheese and a thai chili sauce. The kimchi was milder than on the other kimchi fries I've had, probably because they're described as caramelized on the menu. These were a lil cheesier but the cheese was gooey and tasty. Yum!  

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