Beach Cupcake

March 25, 2012

As my time in Sarasota comes to a close, I'm trying to spend as much time as I can on the beach and avoiding packing. And I knew I had to drive out to my very last cupcake destination before my busy weekend. Yesterday I headed out to Cupcakes A Go-Go before a relaxing afternoon at the beach (stuck to my plan!). 
located at: 2079 Siesta Drive, Sarasota, Florida
It actually was kind of a chore to drive out to Cupcakes A Go-Go. Since cupcake bakeries in Sarasota all seem to be closed on my day off (Monday), I put off going to this last bakery for about three weeks, out of sheer laziness mostly. Friday was the last possible day for me to go so I decided to grab a cupcake for me and friends on my way to the beach. 

Cupcakes A Go-Go is a different cupcake bakery. They have two main cupcake flavors (chocolate and vanilla) and place the focus on fun, fancy buttercream icing. They had a plethora of options: mint chocolate, banana split, caramel latte, etc. Then one can go to the toppings bar to add sprinkles and other fun toppings. They do offer a red velvet cupcake too and cream cheese frosting. Naked cupcakes (with no icing) are $2, iced is $2.50, with cream cheese frosting is $3.  
I decided on a Key Lime icing on a Vanilla Cupcake. Texture was good but it basically just tasted like a grocery store cupcake: a bland cake topped with bland, thin icing with a hint of artificial flavorings. I ordered a Morsel Mania (vanilla icing topped with bits of toffee, butterscotch ganache drizzle and oreo bits) on a chocolate cupcake for a friend. While it's not a great beach treat (sand on cupcake...not so good), it's still a good treat post-beach. I'm not sure on the verdict but I'm sure it's probably on par with my key lime. 

Even with a not so stellar cupcake, the beach can turn any bad cupcake day around. 

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