Gluten-Free, Not A Way for Me

March 26, 2012

I thought my cupcake hunting in Sarasota came to a close after Cupcakes A Go-Go. Then I decided to finally check out the Saturday Morning Sarasota Farmers Market and encountered yet another cupcake. My initial goal was to try out a fresh grouper taco from a local food truck but then I thought I could probably find a cupcake from one of the other vendors. 
The only cupcake at the market (that I saw) was at a gluten-free vendor: Good to Be Gluten-Free Catering & Bakery. For $2.25, I got a Gluten-Free Red Velvet Cupcake. I've never had any Gluten-Free baked goods besides some gf crackers with my gf friend, Anna. She warned me they would be pretty horrible, and they kind of were. I didn't really have high hopes for the cupcake but I thought as a quasi cupcake connoisseur , I should give one a taste. 
located at: 1517 State Street, Downtown, Sarasota, FL
So after a pretty disappointing, bland fresh grouper taco, I had to run off to a performance so I had to wait a few hours to try out the cupcake. By the time I was reunited with the lil treat, I was STARVING. One bite into the cupcake, I knew even in starvation city, I couldn't have another bite. It was moist but quite oily. All I could really taste was the oil. There was no hint of sweetness, not even from the frosting. Sad day. 
My friend Jenny mentioned that gf baked goods either can be dry or overly oily to make up for the dryness. According to King Arthur Flour (my favorite for all things baking), gf baked goods can be more crumbly than your normal ones since they lack gluten (found in wheat), which creates elasticity in dough. Since I have no known gluten allergy, I'll stick to non-gf baked goods solely. This gf cupcake was enough to scar me for life. 

I'm about to head back into my station wagon to embark on my one thousand mile return trip home to Houston. My time in Sarasota has come to a close. I definitely enjoyed the sun, the beach, the sunsets, the job, the new friends and the cupcakes. See you soon, Texas. 

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