The Best F*&%ing Potluck Ever

March 12, 2012

Potluck Theme: Make Your Best F*&%ing Dish or Get the F*&% Out! 
Scary title but the results were amazing and bellies were full and happy. People did not mess around. The food was really f*&%ing good.  

I'm a savory food kind of girl. Then what's with all the cupcakes?, you ask. Beats me. They're just so cute and tasty. I can't resist. Anyway, whenever I am face-to-face with a potluck, I can never think of a good entree to bring since I would like to bring a main savory dish. My cooking repertoire isn't my forte, it's my baking that's pretty f'ing good (if I can brag). This is all thanks to the one and only King Arthur Flour.

I would normally turn to their Carrot Cake Cupcakes but they're just so labor intensive. My no. 2 cupcake that's also pretty low-maintenance to make: Bake Sale Fudge Cupcakes. They're good enough to be frosting-free too! The trick is to buy really good chocolate chips as a filler (I love Ghiradelli Bittersweet Chocolate Chips). These are perfectly chocolatey, super moist and really tasty cupcakes. You can't even tell the frosting is missing. So naturally, I turned to these for the potluck and they did prevent me from getting the f*&% out.   

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