No Frills Cupcake

March 5, 2012

Ah, there's nothing like a lazy day off from work. I'm good at doing nothing. I actually am quite a pro at it. Today was no different from most days except I was really milking my laziness this "morning." Finally I had to tell myself to turn off my computer and get off the couch to run the errands that I was putting off for days. 
located at: 1512 Main Street, Downtown, Sarasota, FL
Luckily, my errand-running led me straight to the Pastry Art Cafe, where I had previously tried to purchase a cupcake a week ago only to be disappointed that there were no cupcakes left. I wouldn't have been so upset had I not eaten one of their mini cupcakes a few weeks ago at work. Hungry musicians were surprised one day with a large box of minis purchased by another colleague. 

I'm totally skeptical of minis because good ones are few and far between. My hunger and curiosity overpowered my doubts so I ate what I think was a caramel cupcake. It was unbeliveably delicious and moist and topped with super tasty frosting. I hunted down the cupcake purchaser because I had to find out where these cupcakes were made. While the exact name of the bakery wasn't remembered, I did get a location and put 2 + 2 together and that led me to Pastry Art

Today at Pastry Art, they only had one cupcake flavor available. It was a normal sized cupcake priced at $1.95! It was a simple chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. While I normally would seek out more exciting flavors, I wasn't about to wait again for better cupcakes. I was gonna take what I could get. 

I got the cupcake to-go since I was without my camera. The cupcake traveled with me to one more stop then back home. Little did I know, I put the box upside down in my bag. I was surprised with a cupcake with all the frosting stuck to the lid of the box. 
a reenactment of my upside down cupcake
I grabbed a knife and reapplied the frosting and went right in for a bite. Usually I want to have only a small taste of a cupcake. Well, one bite turned into bye-bye-cupcake. While the frosting was a lil on the light side (I like thick frosting), it was so moist and just the right amount of chocolatey-goodness that I immediately fell in love. Maybe all I need is a simple, no frills cupcake that is pure and delicious.  

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