Chung v. Food

March 4, 2012

I heart Man v. Food. I even (unsuccessfully) signed up to go see Adam Richman attempt to eat a 48 oz. steak live while he was in Miami in 2010. What I love most about his show is that he showcases America's most ridiculous culinary concoctions. When I found out he went to Sarasota, I knew I would have to go to at least one of the places he featured on the show
I've already been to The Old Salty Dog back in 2008 for some tasty seafood. Little did I know that at this waterfront restaurant, a hot dog of pure gluttony is served. On Man vs. Food, Adam called this dog so thoroughly insane. What's on this loaded Salty Dog? 

  • a beer battered, deep fried foot-long frank 
  • sautéed onions
  • sautéed mushrooms
  • sauerkraut
  • crispy bacon
  • Swiss, American, Cheddar + Pepper Jack cheese
  • (a side of fries too...puahaha)
Don't worry, I didn't scarf down the entire dog by myself. I brought a group of friends that I totally used in order to try out this hot dog. Divided six ways, it's really not so insane. Just mildly insane
loaded dog: dissected
The deep fried hot dog wasn't blanketed in a thick batter but rather a thin batter to add a nice crispness to the whole package. All the fixings combined in my 1/6 portion of the dog created one amazing hot dog that almost didn't taste so unhealthy. The bacon added a nice saltiness and the cheese wasn't as heavy as it appears. (I was starving when I ate this so maybe my stomach would have thought anything tasted incredible. But, I do think it was delicious). 

Since the hot dog was a shared entree, I ordered some fresh grouper for dinner. Seafood along the gulf with a view of the sunset was perfect. It was almost enough to help me forget how chilly (60 degrees) it was on this Sunday evening in Florida.