Detoxing (With Cupcakes)

April 15, 2012

Since returning to Houston, I've gotten back into my old routine of working, driving on the highway, hanging out with the cat, exercising! and cooking. The biggest reunion has been with cooking. I got too impatient with a bad stove and a small kitchen space in Sarasota that I resorted to my old college ways: microwaveable meals and eating out. Yikes! 

I'm not proud of my eating habits in Sarasota but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do (when she's super lazy and wants to eat quickly). 

Detoxing has been sponsored by fresh veggies and home-cooked meals. There are those moments when I do venture out into the city to eat out with friends. Today I had a reunion with two friends and wanted to find a restaurant close to the three of us. I asked Twin Sista for a recommendation and she suggested Local Foods
located at: 2424 Dunstan Road, Rice Village, Houston, Texas
Local Foods gets their food from, you guessed it, local farms. This casual eatery has a selection of sandwiches, salads, soups and sweets. As I was ordering my lunch at the counter, I found myself face-to-face with two cake stands of cupcakes. My friend asked me if I was going to get one. I initially said, "Nah." Then I found myself telling the guy taking my order, "I'll get a cupcake too." (I can't help myself). 

Local Foods allowed me to stick to my healthier food regimen with a falafel sandwich and sides of beets and kale. The sandwich had a smushed up falafel (in order for it to cover the entire piece of bread) with an olive topping and other veggies. The beets and kale, while tasting pretty health-foody, were pretty good. I felt proud of myself for consuming a healthier meal that the best reward was the cupcake. 
hello healthy food
There were two options of cupcakes: chocolate and carrot. I decided on the chocolate and split it amongst my two friends. This was a pretty giant cupcake so it was big enough for each of us to enjoy a good sized piece. 
my first Instagram pic
The cupcake was just like a really good piece of chocolate cake. It was moist, chocolatey and a perfect ending to a good meal. Each giant cupcake is $3. 

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