Sarasota Cupcake Round-up

April 3, 2012

Back in Houston. Mid-Winter job complete. Survived my first solo round-trip road trip from Houston to Sarasota. 
Some thoughts:
1. Enjoyed my first tasty mini cupcakes.
2. Ate my first gluten-free cupcake. Did not enjoy. 
3. Ventured to 6 bakeries + 1 restaurant (One in St. Pete). 
4. As much as I love both the beach and cupcakes, the two do not go together.
5. Flavors in Sarasota are not as adventurous as Chicago or Houston.

Time for the Chung's Best Cupcake in Sarasota Awards. 

Largest Cupcake: Red Velvet/Peanut Butter Pie/Hostess from Sarasota Cupcake Company. These were more than twice as large as your average cupcake. 
Best Frosting: Peanut Butter in Paradise from Heavenly Cupcakes. Thick, not too sweet and a combo of peanut butter + chocolate. Yum.
Most Expensive Cupcake: Cupcakes from Sarasota Cupcake Company. In their defense, these are jumbo-sized cupcakes at $4/each. If you buy three (which I did) then you get 3 for $9. 
Cheapest Cupcake: Chocolate from Pastry Art. At $1.95, you get a moist, delicious cupcake. 
Worst Cupcake: Red Velvet from Good to Be Gluten-Free Catering & Bakery. Super oily, not very sweet and topped with bland frosting. Just say no. 
Best Cupcake: Peanut Butter in Paradise from Heavenly Cupcakes. Perfectly sweet, perfectly crafted, perfectly delicious. (Not at a bad price either: $2.50). 
Bye-Bye, Sarasota. Thanks for some tasty cupcakes and the lovely beaches.  It's back to Houston, where I'm still cupcaking. Houston Cupcake Hunt: in progress. 

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  1. Next year I'll have to bring you a care package from the Cupcake Spot in Tampa. SO good.