This Week's Cupcake

May 11, 2012

I almost feel like I'm back to my cupcaking ways from last summer. I've been back in Houston for six weeks and have had about a cupcake a week since my return. That's more than I had in the first three months I lived here. I dunno what's come over me. 

This week's cupcake is brought to you by Gigi's Cupcakes in Sugar Land. Gigi's is actually a cupcake bakery chain that has over 50 locations in 18 states. There are three Houston area locations as well. The Sugar Land location has a convenient spot right next door to a weight loss center
located at: 15850 SW Freeway, Sugar Land, Texas
I got to Gigi's about a half hour to closing time so I had a pick from about four options. Daily, they have about eleven different flavors available, each $3.25. Too bad, the lady ahead of me got the last pistachio cupcake so I opted for their Kentucky Bourbon Pie cupcake: a bourbon cake with pecans and chocolate chips, topped with a cream cheese frosting, more pecans and caramel & chocolate ganache drizzles (whoa, that's an intense description).  
Well, just holding the heavy cupcake made me realize that this was a dense cupcake. It didn't feel light and fluffy since squishing the wrapper only made me feel a stiff cake. I had serious doubts even before I ate it from just the amount of frosting on top. 

One bite in, I was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful the cupcake was: cream cheese, caramel, chocolate and nuts all combined to create a really tasty cake, reminiscent of pie. HOWEVER, it was dense and over-frosted and felt a bit underdone (which confused me with it being nice and moist). I'm just glad it wasn't a dry, bland cupcake. Extra points for flavor but confused about the incredible denseness of the cake (the cake itself was overstuffed with chocolate chips and nuts)
the cupcake: dissected
Regardless of the texture, I totally would have finished the entire cupcake since I was starving but decided to hold off and share with Twin Sista, who was later feeding me dinner as she so often does. She confirmed my negatives with the cupcake but she wasn't so much a fan of the flavor as I was. 

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