Hello Summer!

June 17, 2012

It's now officially summer! With my lighter schedule, I had time to venture out this past week to enjoy Houston. 

Twin Sista and Erin found a deal on a groupon-like site for a painting with wine class. I just started dabbling in painting a lil over a year ago so this sounded so perfect to me. 

Cork Soakers in Midtown offers their Artful Sips painting class every Tuesday night. They have a different painting featured each week. All supplies are provided along with a glass of wine. 
Boozing + Painting.  While the class was a super fun time, I have this theory that either you neglect your glass of wine or you neglect your painting. I unintentionally chose to neglect my wine cause I was way too into painting (I was tempted to chug my wine at the end of class but that wasn't really a good idea).
Go out and find a booze + painting class, I highly recommend it. You get to pretend to be Picasso and you get to bring home new eye candy for your walls. Win/Win! 

The other day, I found myself at Revival Market. This is the same place Twin Sista wrote about when she guest blogged last summer. This was my first trip and I knew I would be tempted to get a cupcake. 
located at: 550 Heights Blvd, the Heights, Houston, Texas
Revival Market is like a farmers market under a roof. It has locally grown produce and artisanal products, like cupcakes from Fluff Bake Bar. On my visit to the Revival Market, they were offering Cup Cakes, literally a cake in a cup. These were the only "cupcakes" available that day and there were three available. I chose the funfetti-looking one, aka birthday cake, which was $3.95. I couldn't wait to try my first cake-in-a-cup!
I was almost going to not write about this experience because it was so disappointing. This almost ended up being a cup filled with just frosting. The cake was pretty much an afterthought. I desperately tried to get a good bite with enough cake, but it wasn't possible. The frosting was overly sweet and it shocked my poor cavity/filling-filled teeth. I also tried to convince myself it would get better but after my fifth bite, I threw in the towel. Sorry Fluff Bake Bar, you are 0-2 with the Chungs. 

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