Hot...Pot Pot

June 24, 2012

The title of this blog post goes to the same tune as HOTTT POCKETS! Last week I was introduced to Chinese Hot Pot. It's basically fondue but more herby and earthy.  My adventure took me to Houston's Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot restaurant. At Little Sheep, there are 3 options of broths: original, spicy or vegetarian. We opted to get half original and half spicy. 
The broth cooks right at the table and when it boils, you add in your goodies which can include thinly sliced raw meats, dumplings, raw seafood and veggies. The meat and seafood only take seconds to cook and then can be enjoyed with a dipping sauce and/or rice and noodles. The menu offers suggestions of how many types of add-ins to order for your party size but there is only a one-size-fits-all in terms of broth bowl size. If broth runs out, you can always order more. 
While the meal was fun and exciting, I felt a bit overwhelmed with the amount of food we ordered and with having to keep an eye on cooking the food. This definitely is an entertaining meal to have with a large group of friends but I'm not sure I'm totally a fan of the broth since it's so herby. The fish and fish balls were definitely my favorites. I guess I wouldn't be opposed to giving it another go. 

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