Tastes Like...Soap

June 29, 2012

I'm ruined for life. After having the best cupcake ever a few weeks ago in Seattle, I think I can never top that extraordinary, unique experience. Today I found myself near a cupcake bakery in The Heights, a Houston neighborhood that I don't usually frequent. I took advantage of this rare occurrence and made Erin take us there after one of my first yoga classes (less embarrassing than I thought it would be). 
located at: 833 Studewood St, The Heights, Houston, Texas
Frosted Betty Bake Shop is in a tiny strip of three stores and shares the space with the clothing store next door. A little informal on the inside and with only a counter that houses the baked goods, this bakery visually did not seem like your average cutesy bakery. I have a friend that believes if the space looks suspect, the product probably is too. Well, I'm an eternal optimist and some of my favorite restaurants are holes-in-the-wall so I wasn't about to pass judgement on Frosted Betty just yet. 

There were about six flavors available today and the flavor that really stuck out to me was Pistachio Cardamom. Their online menu lists other eclectic flavors like Maple Bacon and Green Tea Basil but sadly these weren't offered today. Cupcakes range from $1.25 (for classic flavored minis) to $3.25 for specialty flavors. Erin and I decided to split the pistachio cupcake along with a chocolate peanut butter cake ball. 
The cupcake seemed promising upon squishing and sniffing it. But, man oh man, BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. I don't know exactly what pistachio + cardamom is supposed to taste like but this tasted very fragrant, along the lines of lavender and soap. Not helping the situation: an oily cupcake. 
Luckily, we had our cake ball to save the day. I'm not totally writing off Frosted Betty since the cake ball was ooey-gooey and completely delicious, with just the right amount of sweetness. I'm gonna put today's cupcake on a page in the I-ordered-the-wrong-thing book, as I so often do. 

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